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sean Riley

Jabber Windows chat losing "focus"

I have serveral users who claim that while typing in the chat window, the program will lose focus and they need to click back in the chat window to continue typing. 

My thought is that some program like Outlook is displaying the a new message alert.

Anyoneone else experiencing this?

Jabber 9.1.2

Windows 7 SP1 x64

sean Riley

Anyone else experiencing this issue.  I now have Jabber v 9.1.3 installed.  I have experienced the issue many times now.  Can't pinpoint anything on my local computer causing this. 

Interesting thing is when it loses "focus" it seems that the main Jabber window is active.  If I press "Enter" in the attempt to send my chat message when it loses "focus", it starts playing my voicemails from within the main Jabber window.  Very annoying, especially for heavy chat users.

Jabber for windows - v 9.1.3

Windows 7 SP1 x64

CUCM v 8.0(3)

having this exact same issue. havent found a resolution yet. any insight would be appreciated

I am struggling with this too. I have noticed that if users do not log in to the Meeting Host Account login window - has to do with WebEx but we are running on premises configuration - they have strange chat behavior such as the backspace key not working, but I can't find anything that would cause the loss of focus.


there are few issues with focus - but from provided description I could not conclude if they are corrsponding:

CSCue78636 - Intermittently enter/delete/backspace keys stop working in chat messages (resolved in 9.2.2)

CSCuh02007 - Meeting reminder should not steal cursor focus from chat window

Can you please check if these are similiar with issue you have and eventually try to reproduce it on 9.2.2? If not, can you provide PRT?



I'm having a Jabber focus issue, but it's slightly different to what you describe.

If you're chatting with someone, and then click in the pane that displays the conversation (say, for example, to copy some text to the clipboard), and then switch to another application's window, whenever you switch back to Jabber the text entry field is no longer focussed.  Even if you move into the text entry field, enter and send some text, and then alt-tab out again, when you return to the window again it still isn't focussed.  Very annoying when you're doing a lot of switching between applications to research the point being discussed in the chat, and have to keep reaching for the mouse just to click in the text entry field!

Seeing this with Jabber client 10.5.0 build 37889, Windows 7 Enterprise x64.

Hi Scott,

there is enhancement request (in progress) that looks to me very similiar to what you've described.

Please take a look at CSCuv20169 - IM input on type in main IM window.



Hi Nebosja,

Thanks.  I tried to have a look, but... it doesn't come up in a search on (finds unrelated bug CSCuv20196), and if I modify that URL with the correct bug number I get "Insufficient Permissions to View Bug".



Hi Scott,

my excuses for this inconvenience - it is enhancement request so it's probably not externaly visible.

Basically idea is that if the main chat window is in focus and user starts to type the focus should move to the IM input box. My opinion is that it will fulfil your needs.




Yes, that sounds like it will help, thanks!

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