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Limit exceeded for attempted calls

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I face the attached error message sometimes by using Jabber 11.x clients. I did not find any documentation about this error, and I cannot see any relevant entries in Jabber (debug) logs. Has any of you ever met such a message?


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Jaime Valencia
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

And exactly what are you doing when you get the error? and what's the environment like??



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I'm trying to initiate a new call when this message pops up. Signing out/in solves the issue.

Currently we have CUCM with CUP installed in a HA environment, which will be updated to the latest version in a few weeks.


So you input the number and press the green call button???

Exactly what jabber version?? and OS of machine?



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Exactly. I've noticed this issue with 11.0 and 11,1 versions as well, which were installed on Win7 SP1 x64 (all updates applied) machines.

Was there a resolution to this issue?  I have a user on Windows 8.1 that just got it.  Is there any documentation about this limit, where it is set or how it works?

Nope, and as I was not able to reproduce it I did not open a TAC case. Unfortunately I did not find any related documentation.

I just got the same error and can reproduce it. Using Jabber 11.5(3) I was busy creating a new Outlook mail signature. To reproduce, just create an entry 'tel:<a number>' and then ctrl-click on it. When it asks to call using Jabber select 'No'. Do this 4 to 5 times and voila, the error pops up.

Testing this with Jabber 10.6(4) it doesn't give any errors no matter how many times you click and cancel.


Yeah, I'm able to reproduce also this way. Simply by creating an html document, which contains a tel: hyperlink, and clicking on that link multiple times reproduces the issue. Thanks, I'll open a case with TAC based on this information.

Excellent. Keep us posted on the progress.


It's not a bug but a feature, which can be configured using the TelephonyProtocolRateLimit and TelephonyProtocolTimeLimit configuration options:

Ah, that makes sense. It prevents a misbehaving application from firing off thousands of calls.

I just tested it and if you stay within the (default) 2 call attempts in 10s then the message doesn't appear. Once the limit is reached you have to Logout/Login to reset the block.

Thanks for logging it for us.



I am having same issue in our environment.

Cisco Jabber is used by outbound calling agent and during continues calling, this message appears.

where we can change call limits in CUCM or CUPS so agents can make maximum calls?


Zeeshan Shera
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Level 1

I have this error pop up on some end users randomly since installing jabber 11.7 on CUCM 10.5.2 while an end user clicks to call from outlook tel:xxxxxxxxxx link and only from with in outlook. end users are using outlook 2010. 

restarting jabber relieves the error but I had not seen this behavior before.

I know this is an older post, but I had a user that ran into this same issue. We resolved it by having the user sign out of Jabber, then close Jabber, re-open Jabber and sign back in.

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