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MCU standalone deployment

Hi Team,

I have request to add video endpoint in MCU device to do conference between registered endpoint. we have 5 SX20 and one Cisco TelePresence TX1310 65 endpoints.These endpoints need to be registered in MCU .

Is it possible to add endpoints directly to MCU and do conference between these devices only?

if yes, please suggest how to do it and recommend steps?




While the "legacy" MCU products have a built in GK, I don't believe the TX can register to it

It isn't a scalable method and Cisco recommended way of deployment

I would highly recommend placing an order for ucm and deploy on be6k. The endpoints would register there and you would use a conductor and trunk it to MCU

You should then placing an order for CUWL pro to give you PMP licenses and buy at least one SMP license for shared endpoints

If you already bought the MCU with screen licenses then you don't need to change that and hence can eliminate the PMP SMP for now but you should at least look at ccm for now

In the future you can move from screen licenses to PMP SMP

If this is truly MCU you should be moving to TP server code since that's the future direction.




Thanks Srini for quick response.

While the "legacy" MCU products have a built in GK, I don't believe the TX can register to it

So you believe only TX cant register in MCU?  

MCU model: 4505.

Customer brought this device 1 and half years before, and they are not aware of this will need to be  integrate with UCM. The current UCM version at the site is 8.6.2.

The five SX20 endpoints will be same cluster but one  TX will be in different cluster (UCM 10.5) and IP can be reachable between these clusters.

So if i register endpoints  in UCM , i have to register 5 of the in ucm 8.6.2 and one TX will be in UCM 10.5. it is complicated.

As of now they just want to do Conference between these endpoint only. So:

Can i add these endpoint devices just like H323 endpoint and will it be initiate conference between them?

What are the limitations if i add endpoint directly to MCU?

Is these MCU comes with Default Screen License:?

Could you please elaborate on PMP and SMP License?

I really need your help as what are the license we required if integrating with UCM ?


I have never seen TX being deployed against the GK inside the MCU. It is UCM device. Besides registering devices against the GK is not a Cisco blessed enterprise type design. Take a look at the preferred architecture links here

Design Zone for Collaboration - Cisco

The 4500 is a very old legacy bridge. Ideally you should replace that with a Telepresence server(which can also be virtual). There are trade in programs through Cisco to help with the transition. These links require partner access

The old MCU used Screen license. The new licensing structure is PMP/SMP which is covered here if you are a partner

Cisco Multiparty Licensing for CMR Premises Ordering Guide Version 11.0


The TX requires TP Server and has to register to CUCM, it can't use MCU does not support TIP/MUX, how triple screens are handled correctly. TAC won't support TX on MCU or GK feature of MCU, which is H.323....TX is SIP only.

Ron Lewis

Product Manager, CVTG


Hi Ron,

Thanks for your advice..

Here what customer required is they want to do conference (adhoc or MeetMe) with video endpoints. And endpoints are Five sx20 and one TX 1310. Site has call Manager 8.6.2 and one MCU unit. No VCS server.

Customer require just do conference between these endpoints. So as per you and Srini Advice endpoint should be register in CUCM. Ok, in that case i will register endpoints to CUCM.

So is it fulfill my requirement?  Means, AdHoc or MeetMe can possible just do a video conference between these endpoint?

Or is it really required VCS for at least do video conference?


No vcs needed you can do adhoc meet me or cmr or scheduled

Tp server has to be front ended by conductor

Tms for scheduled meetings

PMP licensing includes all the foundational infrastructure

There is also an aggressive program to move from CUWL std to pro so it gives you PMP




Thanks Srini,

So, no VCS required for atleast adhoc or Metme conference.

There is one challenge when i configure MCU with CUCM.

As per cisco document , MCU registered in cucm  Conference Bridge and it is registered and assigned MRGL. But for Meetme ,MCU has to be register as SIP trunk in CUCM. When we add MCU IP address and select Port 5060 , it gives error message same SIP trunk profile use in adhoc as incoming port 5060.Means, Adhoc and SIP trunk user 5060 port cant be register .

Please suggest how we can configure bot Meetme and adhoc in CUCM?


Two separate trunks to MCU, one for ad-hoc other for meet-me, should be used, at least if Conductor is in use. Free version of conductor for one bridge can be downloaded from BTW if desired.

Recommend you follow deployment guide for CMR Premises, Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR) - Configuration Guides - Cisco

TX endpoint ad-hoc is handled on local codec only, won't use MRGL resource.

TC/CE endpoints using MRGL ok....but ad-hoc from SX20 to include TX on MCU will be single screen only.

Using TMS & TMS-PE with conductor would give personal CMR's instead of static meet-me bridge alias's....customer maybe too small to take advantage of though.

As Srini says, if customer has CUWL Pro today, they are entitled to TS conferencing and infrastructure licensing, customer only needs to provide hw, which is good deal for this type of customer.


Ron Lewis


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