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Ashish Bagla

Meeting Place 8.6


I have some Querrys regaring meeting place 8.6 setup

1) Are the license of meeting place of 8.5 same for or is there any cost involved ?

2) Meeting place canot directly be upgraded to 8.6 but would require an intermediate upgrade to 8.0 MR1, am I Correct ?

3) Is the cisco windows OS same even if we have web server 8.5 instllated on it or 8.6 on it ?

Awaiting your help on the same.


Ashish Bagla      

Cisco Employee

Hi Ashish,

Let me answer your questions:

1. There is no difference between licenses for 8.5 and 8.6. The same license is being used.

2. You can migrate from directly to 8.6:

Here you can read more about the migration process:

Keep in mind that you cannot directly upgrade from 8.0 to 8.6. It is a different architecture. You need to create migration files on your MP8.0, build a clean MP8.6 server, and then perform a restore from migration files. Details about this process are documented in the link above.

3. For MP8.5 and 8.6, the same MPWin OS is used.  However, MPWin OS used in 8.5/8.6 is different from Cisco IPTOS that is used on MP8.0.

I hope this helps.


Hi Dejan,

Thanks again for your prompt response.

Its a big relief to know that 8.0 MR1intermediated upgrade is not needed to upgrade meeting place from to 8.6

As PDI help desk has said me to first go to 8.0MR1 before 8.6 .. just needed double confirmation on it

One more querry is that, We have meeting place audio only solution consisting of application server and web server. Customer is scheduling the meetings via web server and outlook-plugin. Will all the meeting data scheduled in Past and Future be there as it is when this setup is migrated to 8.6 with all the steps followed properly in migration.

Thanks in advance again.


Ashish Bagla

Hi Ashish,

Since move from MP8.0 to MP8.6 is not an upgrade, but migration, you will need to migrate data from both MP Application Server and MP Web server. In the Migration document you have instructions for both steps. Keep in mind that if you currently use Click-to-attend links in e-mail notifications to join the meetings, you would have to ensure that the hostnames of MP Application Server and MP Web server stay the same. If the hostnames change, you will need to ensure that the old hostname of MP Web server in the DNS is pointing to the IP address of the new MP Web server. That way, the link in the e-mail notifications will still work.

In summary, if you migrate MP App and MP Web servers per instructions, both past and future meeting information will be migrated to MP8.6 system and not data should be lost.

Kind regards,


Hi Dejan,

Thanks a lot again !!!

I would again get in touch if required during the migration


Ashish Bagla

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