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Presence integration with MS Office Outlook

Ryan Schwab
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In the Jabber for Windows Admin guide, it states that in order for presence integration between Jabber and MS Office to work that the "proxyAddress" AD attribute needs to contain SIP:user@cupdomain.

I've heard conflicting statements on whether this is actually required or not.

Can anyone confirm?

Many thanks,


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Has anyone had an issue where after adding the SIP entry to proxyAddresses, it isn't showing up in Outlook when viewing the Outlook properties > Email Addresses tab for a user?  We're having issues getting this to work, and I believe it's probably due to some sync issue between Outlook/Exchange and AD.

Take a look here

Maybe the Outlook Client side hasnt had the update of Address Book yet as you say and you might need to force it or wait 24 hours?



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Yeah, Exchange takes up to 48 hours to pull down and distribute the SIP:@cupdomain addresses from AD.  Why Cisco didn't use or support the native one related to Lync, I really don't know...

We're good now.

According to this link:

It recommends using the ADSchemeWizard tool (part of the Jabber Admin download).  However, when I attempt to use this utility, it always uses the following format for creating the "".  However, this particular customer, their Jabber ID doesn't match their email address.  In other words, email address is; while their Jabber ID is (which also is their cupuserid).

Can this tool be customized such that it will substitute do the following?

Instead of:

so my real email is:, CUPS domain is

what should I configure? I login to Jabber using account in a separate AD






You need to populate the proxyAddress field in AD with your Im address (CUPS address). More details on what you need to configure for Outlook & Sharepoint can be found here

Server config:

Client Config: