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proximity sessionid hijacking

onur temel
Level 1
Level 1

Hi all,

I am willing to deploy proximity feature to all VC endpoints. 

To analysis that in security, I used Burp Suite and faced sessionid is constant for 5 minutes.

if an attacker get this id, what would he do?

When I search on Google, there are some docs related with security issues but no answer for my question.

May I take your suggestions?

Thank you.

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Ratheesh Kumar
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hi there


Does this help you?


How Cisco Proximity Works
When the Intelligent Proximity services are enabled on a video endpoint, an inaudible ultrasonic sound token will be played through the video system loudspeakers. The Cisco Proximity client application running on the mobile device will record this token through its integrated microphone. The token contains information on how to connect to the video system over the
The mobile device will decode the token and try to establish a secure connection to the video system. To establish the connection, the mobile device needs to be able to reach the IPv4 address of the video system in the room on port 443 (HTTPS).



Intelligent Proximity.PNG



Hope this Helps

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Hi Ratheesh,

Thanks for your reply. I followed that guide at the beginning.

But there is no answer for my question. 

Yes there is secure connection but session-id is clear and sniffable by Burp.

What would happen if an attacker got that?

This question seems self-evident: interception of the token would allow another user to exert proximity control over the endpoint for up to five minutes. Yes, the connection to the codec uses HTTPS but since codecs are typically using self-signed certificates the client doesn’t bother with certificate validation anyway.

Your concern seems predicated on your LAN/WLAN connection being compromised. TBH, this doesn’t strike me as the real concern: if your network traffic is being intercepted you have bigger problems than Proximity.