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Spark and Scanning of Attachments, i.e. Content Control?

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Not 100% clear on this but we have had a customer raise a specific security scenario in their evaluation of Spark - it goes something like this:

"It seems that Spark is current enforcing that perimter security solutions are deactivated and DPI cannot be used" - is this the case?

If so what is the solution to the problem as the client in question will not allow any content in/out of their business that is not scanned, this includes content such as documents via Spark rooms.

As a side note, is there progress on the hinted at "If there is a need to inspect content, Spark is developing a governance and compliance tool that allows an enterprise customer to inspect data for policy compliance of their org." in the Spark and Webproxy with HTTPS inspection discussion?

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Thanks Kelli,

This has been addressed by our account team. For reference:

As the content is encrypted end-to-end it’s very hard to do any DPI into an encrypted stream if you haven’t got the keys. Cisco are working on event based APIs for rooms/spaces to assist in this.

IMO, event based APIs will open up some very interesting automation and bot opportunities for everyone.

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