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Spark - Use some Jabber features?

Hi All,

I'm new to Spark but have been using Jabber for a few years.

I prefer the functionality of Spark but I would like to see more of the useful Jabber features such as:

  • See who is online and status
  • Get notified when someone is returning to online
  • Set a location or a status
  • Make a groups of people - so adding large number of people to a room is easy to start (Can be tedious to start a new room with dozens of people for a new topic/purpose and don't want to re-purpose an existing room.)
  • See the persons details - phone number, email, city etc.
  • Change your font, and text colour

Your thoughts on what you would like to see more of in Spark ?


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Cisco Employee

Re: Spark - Use some Jabber features?

Wayne - Great ideas - I definitely agree with what you have there.  I'm a Cisco employee - part of the Advanced Services team for Spark - so I've been living in the persistent messaging world of Spark for quite a while now and I think there's one key area that I believe is going to really propel Spark from being viewed as a persistent messaging APPLICATION to more of a persistent messaging PLATFORM.  My thinking here is that the true value of Spark is the content and the interactions with that content.  And while that exists today with the person-to-person chat & video, group chat & video, and doc sharing, once the API's are made publicly available (and some of the out-of-box 3rd party integrations are released) it will open a whole new area of content (and by virtue of that, enable a whole new way to use Spark).  See my slide below - I use this with customers to help expand their thinking of what Spark is / can be.  With these integrations, you totally change the game.  It's not just about the people.  It's about ANY data source - human or otherwise!  I can have a "chat" with a corporate directory system by asking it what someone's phone number is.  Or what their email address is.  Or maybe I want to get a understanding of the latest sales opportunities in our sales systems.  That's a possibility too.  And it doesn't even have to be read only - it's INTERACTING with that data that's even more important.  Maybe I want to update the status of sales opportunity - I could potentially do that by having a "chat" with our sales systems and tell it what I want it to do.  So in a nutshell - it's those types of integrations that get me excited because of all the great use cases that it will unlock. 

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