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Saqib Ali

Support for ChromeOS / Chromebook?

What is the ETA for Webex Meetings client for ChromeOS / Chromebook?



Thank you for your inquiry. Currently the WebEx Meetings client does not support ChromeOS/Chromebook. However, this is indeed something we are looking to add to our roadmap. Exact timing of availability is still TBD.



Thanks Melody. Would really appreciate an ETA as soon as you are can provide one.

Webex is the ONLY app that our users can't use from ChromeOS. Rest of the windows apps can be accessed using Citrix App on the Chromebook.

Hi Saqib,

Ericom has a solution for running WebEx from Chromebooks.  Using Ericom AccessNow, you can run a WebEx session on your Chromebook by running WebEx inside Internet Explorer running from within your Chrome browser.

For a demo of how this solution works, open your Chrome browser, go to, click on the clipboard icon on the top right side of the screen, paste the URL for a WebEx session, and then within IE in the remote session click on the address bar and press Ctrl+V, and then enter.  Your WebEx session will open up within your Chrome browser.

Cloud Internet Explorer is a demo service which has a 5 minute inactivity timeout, so you would have to interact with IE in order for the WebEx session to continue working.


Note: I work for Ericom

Hi Adam,

Very cool demo. However we were hoping for a pure HTML 5 webex client. We already have Citrix infrastructure so we can publish IE for webex. But that wouldn't be as elegant of a solution as a native HTML 5 Webex client



Hi Saqib,

I agree that a pure HTML5 WebEx client is the ideal solution.  But until then you can use Ericom’s free Cloud Internet Explorer service for using WebEx (without having to use your expensive Citrix concurrent licenses even if you already own them).

By the way, Ericom already has an HTML5 client (AccessNow) for Chromebook/ChromeOS and other HTML5 compatible environments, that has been on the market for several months and which is already deployed at large organizations.  You may want to look into it.


Five years on any progress on ability for Webex to run on Chromebooks. I tried to join a business meeting today with Cisco employees, but could not use webex. Chromebooks outsold Macbooks for the first time in 2016. Chromebooks outsell Macs for the first time | Technology | The Guardian

Thanks for any update.

Web app now does have Chrome book support.

Features/caveats are here

Cisco WebEx Web App Version 2.3 | Cisco Cloud Collaboration Help Central

Saqib Ali

Hello Webex Team,

Any updates on this?


Google Chrome OS requires a client that is web based only (the entire OS is one big browser).

Since our meeting application is a thick client (application that is coded using the native OS function calls) we are not able to support Chrome OS at this time.

Thanks Miro. Are any plans for a pure HTML 5 client for Webex?

I can't say if there are any plans or not, however we are aware of the pure HTML 5 client needs and the market trends.

Thank you,

Thanks Miro.

Is there a place where I can officially submit this a feature request?


Saqib, there is no need for this one, we already have it as the feature request. 



miro / mkee,

Any updates on this? With the release of the new Chromebooks there is a lot of interest in using Webex on these devices.



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