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SX10N Spark Room System calling to other video end-points

I'd like to clarify if a Spark Room System, such as SX10N, can make and receive video calls from other video conferencing end points that aren't Spark Room Systems. 

If so, what are the requirements to do this? Can the Spark Room System do this as a "standalone" device or does it need to be registered with a H323 gatekeeper or SIP proxy?  Can a Spark Room System be simultaneously registered with Spark and a separate gatekeeper/SIP proxy?

Tommer Catlin

Been slowing uncovering a few of these things along the way.   

Spark registered video endpoints (or anyone) can call the SIP URI of the device.    Not my favorite URI when in Spark, but thats what you get when you registered the device to Cisco Spark in the cloud.

The device can NOT be dual registered.  The CE code is not the same as a normal CE endpoint registered to CUCM or VCSs (soon to be Expressway).   When registered to Spark, the CE code is pretty much locked out from the admin.  Which means you can add things like P60 cameras for rear, or control the call, etc.

Up until now, the only way to dial another video room is to another person standing in that room with Spark on their mobile.  Which is lame of course... but that is the experience Cisco wants to give out.    With the feature "Places" the room system should have its own identity in the Spark Org similar to a public device.  I tried the other day to call a "Place" in Spark and would not show up in the directory search on the Spark app or on my 8845.  Maybe our buddy "Fabian" will be extra creepy this week and shed some more light on this topic.

The Spark registered devices can all call out SIP URI to anything you like.  I used it all the time to dial Webex CMR rooms, loop back tests, etc.

Tommer, hello, when you say "Up until now, the only way to dial another video room is to another person standing in that room with Spark on their mobile" do you mean that is the way it used to work?   It is my understanding that an endpoint registered to Spark can make calls to other video endpoints (Spark registered or not) just by dialing. If you have the app on your mobile device you can dial from there, but it is not required to make a call. I have not been able to test this live but the last time I asked Cisco they confirmed you do not need the app to just dial from the Spark registered room system.  Thanks, just want to clarify.

Right you can dial from the endpoint or the app, Cisco prefers the app due to the ease of typing but you can do it from the endpoint. Since the URI is really long, endpoints like MX700.800.SX80 can use the Touch 10 because it is directly connected however network pairing of Touch 10 with SX10/20 is not customer FCS yet, it is internal only

The Spark/Touch10 support was included in the CE8.3.0 release - see Page 21 of the CE8.3.0 Release Notes.

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