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teams jabber plugin contacts don't have phone numbers

We have full on premise CUCM and Jabber 12.9. Our users prefer to use MS Teams for IM so we are trying to use the MS Teams plugin for jabber that Cisco provides. When i go to place a call it finds the contact by name but it only shows an email address no phone numbers. If I use the teams built in calling app it finds the same contact but lists the phone numbers. Anyone have an idea what I am missing? Jabber itself works fine and  the contacts show all phone numbers.




We have the same issue, seems that it comes from Microsoft API used by Jabber apps in MS Teams, sometimes it will works well and display Phone Numbers ans others time only display email address for the same user.


i don't think that MS will improve its API 




I just made another post asking the exact same thing and then I found this post. Did you ever figure this out? 

I opened a TAC case and it does relate to a MS Teams API permission issue. The solution is to have your O365 administer go to this link to grant read permission.{tenantId}/v2.0/adminconsent?client_id=223b6ef0-6b61-4867-ac7f-9eccc7413b46&scope=

Replace {tenantId} with your O365 tenant ID.

This will open a page that says permission granted.  The users must log out of MS Teams and back in for this to be in effect.


Having similar (if not the same) issue where just the Directory (AD) Contacts gives only the one call option for users email address. We just opened a TAC case for this today (SR692156453).  

In the plugin's previous version (1.1.0) things worked well with a drop-down menu listing all call options for both Directory Contacts as well as Outlook Contacts. But, with the implementation of the current version (1.2.0)  the only call option is the email address, which works in our environment via our SIP configuration to ring desk phone (EM) or Jabber, but does not allow us to see/call other numbers listed in AD (ex, Mobile or Home). There is no down arrow for drop down menu to list all the call options in AD. However, for Outlook Contacts found via the Jabber plugin (our Teams is fully integrated with our Outlook) we do get the down-arrow with drop-down menu listing all the call options found in Outlook.  Given this we assumed the issue was on the Jabber Plugin side of things.

After we speak with Cisco TAC we will reach out to our MS Administrators to implement the MS Teams API permission solution you referenced above. 

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