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Unity Connection Migration using Cobras



I am planning a Unity Connection migration for a customer using the Cobras export / import on a Unity connection system currently running Version, but will be migrating to Version 14


This existing system  is vintage but still under contract ,and  unfortunately has its partitions unaligned,  which is stopping me performing a conventional upgrade


I have Cobras running on my laptop and on an access server within the customers network 


I have created my unity user with the correct roles assigned

I have added my laptop IP address into the appropriate place in the advanced configuration menu's in Unity Connection Administration

I have started / restarted the database proxy service on Unity Connection

So i think i have all the prerequisites met for successful Cobras backups

When i start up Cobras and complete the initial setup, i get the following message


"Error returned from ODBC Driver=Error [IM002] [Microsoft]{ODBC Driver Manager] Data Source name not found and no default driver specified"


I receive the same error running Cobras export on my laptop , using via a VPN connection ,  or running Cobras directly on a remote access server connected to the customer LAN.


I can successfully run the same cobras application on my laptop to another customers Unity Connection servers with no issues

Any help in getting to the bottom of this would be greatly appreciated


many thanks



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Given the age of the UConn system and the likely less-old PC you are using, I'm wondering if this applies: 

Doing some research, the conflict between 32-bit data sources (as the older UConn is) and a 64-bit driver is a common problem and will generate the error you are experiencing.

Let us know if this resolves the issue. If not, we'll keep looking.



Hi yulefl1,


you will probably need the informix obdc drivers based on your laptop OS.  Without the proper driver you will be unable to get connected.  Check out this link and look for the informix driver download

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