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WebEx Centralized Contact Administration



We are working on a WebEx Connect installation and I would like to know if there is a way to manage the contacts for a certain group on all clients? I would like to be able to keep the client's "Company Group" in sync with Active Directory so that any user adds/drops are automatically sync'd to each client without the client's themselves having to do anything.



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Hi Paul

Right now there is not a way to actively synch between WebEx and Active Directory / LDAP.  It is possible to do a one-off import, but not to actively synch (and thus manage users via AD). 

Eric Lerner

Cisco WebEx

Hello Eric,

I have found this document:

and it seems it is possible to have SSO based on a corporate Active Directory. Are there any considerations?


Hi Guillermo,

do you have a specific question regarding this integration?

It requires ADFS locally installed/configured as well as SSO-enabling your site. ADFS is a Microsoft implementation of SAML 2.0/WS-*.

Let me know if you have further questions.



Hello Sascha,

Do you have any documentation on how to setup ADFS to work with WebEx SSO? Ihave the Technical Overview but am looking for a how to. I have imported thecerts and sort of got it working but i am not sure what needs to be where inthe WebEx SSO config page..



Hi Chris,

I can send you the setup documentation. Are you working with someone within Webex to get this setup? We need to setup your org as an SSO org and I want to make sure this has been done.




SSO is enable on the org, and i am able see errors on the webex side of the setup. Right now i am getting Invalid SAML Assertion (13) I am go at trial an error at this point. I have call support and my account manager but they have not been any help other than enabling the option.

I am trying to use AD FS 2.0 and WebEx SSO. I have the tech doc but this is a first for me and don’t really understand what is required. So far I have got the certs imported on both ends but can seem to figure out the claim rules and what urls to put in to webex.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Hi Chris,

I am sending you a detailed configuration guide for ADFS and W2K8 via email.



Hello Sascha,

The documentation you sent is for AD FS 1.0, There was a tone of issuestrying to get this to work as AD FS seems to be very dependent on the name ofthe server where as we are trying to use the external DNS name.

Does anyone know how to setup the claims for AD FS 2.0 to work with webex?

I think this is my issue based on my error Invalid SAML Assertion (13),if someone knows better please let me know.


Did you manage to get SSO working with WebEx using ADFS 2.0 ????

Can you please send me the detailed configuration guide for ADFS 2.0 and W2K8?

Where you able to get ADFS 2.0 working with WebEx?  If so can you send me the instructions?  Many thanks.

Hi Guys,

Is it possible to get a copy of this guide as well? I have been searching webex dev site and cant find anything.

Specifically looking for SSO to Meeting Center via MS ADFS.



Hi, Tim,

I have replied to you offline about receiving a copy of the guide.

Thanks for participating in the Collaboration Community.

Kelli Glass

Moderator for the Cisco Collaboration Community

Hi Kelli,

would it be possible to get a copy of the "SSO/ADFS Integration for Webex Draft" document?

Or is there any official document on the CCO today?

Many thanks


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