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Windows Jabber UDS - "Cannot contact the server"


Hi, this is a new deployment BE6K running 9.1 CUCM & IM&P. Client is the latest 9.6.0 (17088)

We are building this off site and have laptops in the lab with no domain controller. We have Jabber integrated in Softphone mode (works), deskphone mode (works), VM (works), Outlook MAPI (works), Presence (works). We cannot search the UDS however. The client downloads the jabber-config.xml from the TFTP fine as we can see changes we make in the source file taking effect on the client after a reboot. The connection status under directory says :-

Status : Last connection not successful

Protocol : LDAP

Reason : Connection Error

Address :

Error : Cannot contact the server

The firewall has been disabled on the laptops and this is happening on two laptops (win 7 & xp)

The CCMCIP profile has the IP of our CUCM hardcoded as the Primary & Backup CCMCIP host (its a one server deployment).

When I use the browser to view the xml file from teh TFTP server the file is returned in the browser but only the options I specify, not the actual elemnet names (ie there is no "<Directory>" shown in the results, only the actual IP of the directory I specified)

I have even taken the trouble to hardcode the username & password to exclude any privilage issues.

The attached is our xml file and this is created in notepad and saved as 'encoding - UTF-8', then uploaded to the TFTP server root, then the TFTP is restarted.

I'd appreciate any pointers to get this working.



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Most of those elements are irrelevent in a UDS config. The should simply be:


Also, did you activate Cisco UXL Web Service under Servicibility > Tools > Feature Services? I believe that tomcat webapp must be enabled for UDS to work.

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Good morning Jonathan,

Thanks for the reply.

Yes the UXL service is enabled. I put more elements in the xml file to be sure I was using the correct settings on the client.

So the problem remains - is there any other way to troubleshoot this or is it one for TAC ?

Best wishes,


Just for anyone who has the same problem, I opened a TAC case on this.

There is an internal Cisco bug CSCul68184 - the workaround is to downgrade the jabber client. I installed 9.2.6 and the UDS started working immediately.

Best wishes,


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