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Industry digitization is happening as we speak. Our customers are looking at areas where they can maximize benefits from digitization, and they are looking to Cisco as the partner with the expertise to guide their transformations.

At Cisco Live Berlin, Cisco launched three solutions around Digital Business Transformation (DBT). In the World of Solutions, the Workforce Experience (WX) Solution amassed interest from all types of attendees -- customers, partners,  and Cisco sales.

With each visit, customers brought additional peers to share the excitement of the live “Digitized Workforce Experience.” Customers across verticals such as energy, car manufacturing, banking, and government demonstrated tangible excitement about the potential for this solution to revolutionize how they do business. At the booth, our guests had the opportunity to:

  1. Browse through the Cisco campus on digital kiosks
  2. Understand the utilization metrics for Cisco campus buildings
  3. Check into Cisco’s executive headquarters in San Jose  using their Cisco badges
  4. View continuously updating floor plans complete with up-to-the-second information on checked-in personnel
  5. Experience the conference room panel displaying information of personnel checked-in
  6. Watch DX-80 in the demo conference room update to display the occupant’s phone number
  7. Experience automatic lights in the demo conference room changing to the occupant’s pre-configured settings
  8. Change the light setting in the demo conference room using mobile app to configure the white-soft-warm setting to the occupant’s liking

With this solution, selling is simplified, as both services and products are included under one Solution ID.  Cisco Advanced Services (AS) plays a prominent role alongside the product business unit as an advisor. Because AS engineers have in-depth exposure to customer problems this relationship also allows AS to incorporate the customer journey for the adoption of the solution into the development process.

The Workforce Experience solution keeps the main focus on the employee experience by highlighting the following capabilities for employees:

  • Workspace Productivity
  • Workspace Management
  • Workspace Mobility

After speaking to many customers at Cisco Live!, I arrived at two  primary conclusions about how these Workforce Experience solutions can transform the life of the modern employee and organizations’ lines of business:

  1. The Workforce Experience Solution fundamentally shifts the paradigm for the entire employee experience:
    1. Flexible workspaces:
      1. Collaborative workspaces for creative interaction amongst employees
      2. Focused rooms for accomplishing a task
    2. Personalized workspace that  facilitate mobility:
        1. Extension mobility enables 80% of employees to use their desk phones for collaboration. Extending the office wherever they work will allow employees to be true mobile workers.
        2. Digital lighting, pre-configured lights of the room for personal experience.

2. The Workforce Experience Solution maximizes the utilization of space to make  LOB workstreams more efficient:

    1. Develop floor plans to satisfy the work culture of business:
      1. X number of focus areas
      2. Y number of meeting spaces
      3. Z number of collaboration zones
    2. Integrate collaboration tools for specific business needs
        1. Video, Voice, Conferencing to reduce travel, faster decision-making
    3. Develop floor plans for mobile employees (millennials, work from anywhere)
        1. With more employees coming into office for only 1:1 interactions, office space is planned for 2 employees to 1 space utilization bring in huge real estate cost savings

Digital Business Transformation is Cisco’s alignment to industry digitization.

Different industry verticals are looking at digitization to solve different problems. For example, the hospitality industry is looking for analytics around customer experience, while manufacturing is looking for supply chain analytics. Finance is looking to increase space utilization, while focusing on employee experience and productivity with personalized, collaborative workspaces in addition to tools that facilitate mobility. Each of these industries will benefit from digital business transformation in their own unique ways, and Cisco is uniquely positioned to help them make these sources of advanced business value into realities for their employees and customers.

The interest we saw at Cisco Live! Berlin reiterates that a robust market exists for these digital workforce solutions. The opportunity for our customers to experience these solutions firsthand made the impact real for them in a powerful way, which will certainly continue to help ramp up interest and excitement (and sales!) around these solutions into the future.

For more information on the Workforce Experience Solution, please go to the following Sales Kit:

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