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Finesse JavaScript API Docs?

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Created by: Stephen Earl on 29-01-2012 11:03:41 PM
Are there any plans to post some type of doc for the Finesse JavaScript API's?
Steve E.

Subject: RE: Finesse JavaScript API Docs?
Replied by: Theodore Phipps on 30-01-2012 07:22:00 AM
Yes.  we will be posting our javascript and javascript jsdocs documentation on CDN within a week or so.  We will also be discussing the javascript deliverable in detail for our Feb 9 Contact Center Direct Call.  Hopefully you have an invite for the session.

Subject: RE: Finesse JavaScript API Docs?
Replied by: Kevin Pickard on 01-02-2012 01:12:49 PM
Theodore will a message be posted on the forums when the material is made available on CDN?

Also, how do you get an invite to the Feb. 9 call? I have not heard about it before.

Subject: RE: Finesse JavaScript API Docs?
Replied by: Kevin Pickard on 07-02-2012 05:07:03 PM
We are a technology development partner. Would that be ATP?

Subject: RE: Finesse JavaScript API Docs?
Replied by: Theodore Phipps on 07-02-2012 04:54:49 PM
Are you an ATP or AUC partner?

If so, I will get you an invite for the call.

Yes, I will do a blog post when the materials are posted on CDN.

Where can I get Documentation or any other helping material regarding  Finesse JavaScript Library?

Frequent Contributor

The Finesse javascript library is available for download on the Documentation page Tools folder of the Finesse Tech Center here

The javascript library contains javadoc documenting the library.  Also, the Finesse WebServices Developer Guide has a few chapters on Gadget development.

First off all thanks for your reply.

Secondly, I have seen this document pointed out by you. You may also see

this document as it contains nothing that may help us in understanding what

actually finesse javascript is ? and how can we use it ?

While the remaining documents related to Cisco Finesse, webServices, media

sense are quite well. If you have worked on finesse javascript can you send

me any material that may help me understanding this or any other helping

documentation for this ?


I want to use finesse javascript in making finessse gadgets. For Example I want to subscribe for call notification that whenever I get any notifications regarding calls, perform some operation like popup on agent desktop.

Frequent Contributor

See the WorkflowScreenPopSampleGadget. It demonstrates how to do a screenpop into a Finesse gadget.

There is also the ThickClientScreenPopSampleGadget that shows how to do a screenpop from the Finesse gadget into a Windows application.

These sample gadgets can be found in the 10.0.1 Gadgets folder on the Documentation page in the Finesse Tech Center here

Yes, Thanks, I look into this.

And this Means that there is not written documentation for Finesse or

Gadget javascript classes that what actually means gadgets.Prefs()

or finesse.clientservices.ClientServices.init etc etc.

Frequent Contributor

The Javascript library comes with Javadocs documentation. Also see the LearningSampleGadget which shows you how to access the User (agent) and Dialog (call) objects.

The LearningSampleGadget zip file also contains documentation on getting started with creating the LearningSampleGadget.

Right ... Thanks for your Assistance


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