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Engin Zeren
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Level 1

Here is the step :

su - oracle

dbadm -C db




Number of tables to be checked: 195
Number of tables checked OK:    195
Number of tables out-of-sync:   0

If there were out-of-sync tables then the prosecure to fix it:

1- Login to EMS side that has bad data :

su - oracle
dbadm -A copy -o <OWNER> -t <TABEL NAME>

2- Let's say the out-of-sync table is subscriber_feature_data. Then command should be :

dbadm –A copy –o opticall –t subscriber_feature_data

3- To check replication status :

su - oracle

dbadm –C rep

OPTICAL2::Deftrandest is empty?           YES

OPTICAL2::dba_repcatlog is empty?       YES

OPTICAL2::Deferror is empty?              YES ßMake sure it is “YES”

OPTICAL2::Deftran is empty?                  YES

OPTICAL2::Has no broken job?               YES

OPTICAL2::JQ Lock is empty?                YES

OPTICAL1::Deftrandest is empty?          YES

OPTICAL1::dba_repcatlog is empty?      YES

OPTICAL1::Deferror is empty?             YES ßMake sure it is “YES”

OPTICAL1::Deftran is empty?                YES

OPTICAL1::Has no broken job?              YES

OPTICAL1::JQ Lock is empty?               YES

If "DeferroR is emty?" value is NO then follow this steps:


ssh root@EMS-B

su - oracle

dbadm -A truncate_defferor


ssh root@EMS-A

su - oracle

dbadm -A truncate_defferor

3- Verify again with dbadm -C rep that problem has been resolved.

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