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Tyler Wilkin
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The purpose of this document is to clarify the different passwords on a T3 system between the codecs, TCU, and touch panel, list the default sets of credentials for each, and document the procedures for how to change them.

Default Credentials for Cisco T3


Username: administrator

Password: tec

T3 Touch Panel / WebStart GUI

Username: admin

Password: <blank>


Username: admin

Password: <blank>

Note: This cannot be changed as far as I've researched.

C90 CLI / Web GUI

Username: admin

Password: <blank>

Changing the TCU password (VNC and SSH)

  1. Physically attach a keyboard to the TCU (or log in with VNC)
  2. Press Ctrl-Shift-Esc
  3. File -> New Task (Run…)
  4. “cmd” to bring up a command prompt
  5. Type: "net user administrator <new password>"
  6. Type: "control userpasswords2". A window will pop up.
  7. Check the box “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer” and Apply
  8. Type "control userpasswords2" again, uncheck the box, and apply.
  9. Enter your new password again
  10. Reboot ("shutdown -r" from the CLI)

Page 9 of the T3 admin guide:

Changing the touch panel password (Also WebStart GUI password)

  1. Log into the touch panel (Touch and hold the upper left corner until the login screen appears)
  2. Go to Change Passwords
  3. Enter new password for Admin or Operator user

The Operator user is an Admin user with limited privileges. Make sure you change the dropdown box to Admin to change the correct password.

Note: For the WebStart GUI you must use Java 6.x since Java 7.x will not authenticate. The bug ID for this is CSCug84596.

Page 23 of the T3 admin guide:

Changing the C90 codec passwords (Web GUI and CLI)                                                                  


  1. Log into the web GUI
  2. Click “Change Password” and enter the new password


  1. Run “systemtools passwd” from the CLI
  2. This command will prompt you for a new password

Page 16 of C90 admin guide:

Page 25 of C90 API guide:

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