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Subject: RE: Cisco PD 1080p vs Tandberg PHD 1080p Zoom Issue...
Replied by: Jonas Tysso on 12-09-2012 09:25:32 AM
Hi Brad,

we have seen some variation between cameras, and we have improved the zoom control in later software ID40080 for the PrecisionHD 12x camera. The SW version can be read out from the camera information, either on the web interface, the OSD, or by using the xAPI.

The new camera software will ship with upcoming TC6. If the system still experiencing issues with the zoom, you might have a defect on your camera. The Cisco and Tandberg branded cameras should work equally good.


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Created by: Brad Sackett on 13-03-2012 03:22:00 PM
Hello, I am currently involved in an installation where we installed two Cisco branded PHD 1080p cameras I am controlling using VISCA commands. I also have, in the same installation done last year, two Tandberg branded PHD 1080p cameras. Both branded cameras are running identical VISCA commands and Identical room Crestron programming and com specs.

The issue I have is the Cisco branded cameras do not ZOOM smoothly, reliably or consistantly. I can cantrol the camera directly Using Crestron Toolbox, performance is the same, so I know its not the module. I moved a Tandberg branded camera to the room with the ZOOM problem and the camera works fine. Moved the Cisco branded camera to the other room it still has ZOOM issues.

When i press the button for ZOOM in or out on my TP or send the VISA command for ZOOM in or out directly in Toolbox, the same result arises, Seems like it is getting stuck and it hesitates, stops, starts and eventually it will get to the ZOOM level you are going for, however, it is not consistent, reliable or useable.

None of these cameras are connectd to a Codec, they are directly controlled via a Crestron Pro2 in each room. I did not use the Tandberg Direct Control module because it did not include preset functionality which i needed to satisfy my cutomer.

I am unaware the software versions of either camera, howevewrthe Tandberg cameras were shipped with the original C90 which is at TC 3.1.

Has anyone else experienced this particular issue between the Tandberg and Cisco branded cameras.....any help would be greatly appreciated.

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