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Subject: RE: Cisco response to Polycom EagleEye Director
Replied by: JOEL FREDERICK on 16-07-2012 08:26:22 PM
The EagleEye Director is the best product I've seen from Polycom.  The voice-tracking and facial recognition work amazingly well.   There is no doubt the benefit this brings to large room video meetings.   Have inquired frequently about Cisco developing a similar technology and so far we have no confirmation that this is underway.

Subject: RE: Cisco response to Polycom EagleEye Director
Replied by: David Bruun-Lie on 17-07-2012 05:54:10 AM
Hi Joel,
have you ever tested the EagleEye in a real world meeting scenario? Just curious because the demos I have seen are very rehearsed with participants being very disciplined either always looking directly into the camera or making sure that only one participant is talking. Not quite your average meeting.
In addition you have the slightly irritating movement of the camera in the room you are sitting in. On the other hand it is no doubt that the concept is interesting.
We are of course always looking at enhancing our products, however we do not give forecasts on new products.

An integrator would be able to make something similar using a C60 or C90 today with two cameras, several microphones and a control system using the codecs API.

The API can give feedback on the microphones signal levels. Sampling these numbers gives which microphone is picking up the most noise and can then trigger a camera preset or setting absolute position to the tracking camera and then switching the layout.

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Created by: jarrod sousa on 01-11-2011 09:38:22 PM
Just curious what the thoughts are around the new Polycom EagleEye camera Director.  i have already been asked if Cisco has a competitive product.  i don't know of one directly, but i was thinking if we could do something similar with a C60 codec and multiple cameras.  any thoughts or field trials?
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