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Karthik Sivaram

This article speaks about how Live Recording of calls can be done using CUE.

Explanation: -   

1) Live Record is a function that allows users to record the calls they are on.

During an active call the user simply presses the LiveRcd Softkey, which then

initiates an ad-hoc conference to the CUE system, and will record the

conversation to the called parties voicemail box.

2)Configuration of conference resources, ad-hoc ephone-dns and the CUE system are required to complete this task.

3) Once the recording is completed you can then log into voicemail and review and manage the recording the same as any other voicemail message..

4)During the call, an audible beep will sound as a reminder that the call is being

recorded. The beep duration and interval can be modified, however the beep

cannot be turned off, as it is often required by law to notify callers of a recording

in progress.

Configuration: - 




live-record 1999


ephone-dn 4

number 1999

call-forward all 3500

Enabling the Phone for Live Record :

Create a new ephone-template assigning the Live Record soft key in the "connected" state. You should only assign the new ephone-template to the ephones that will be granted access to this feature.


ephone-template 1

softkeys connected LiveRcd Hold Endcall Trnsfer Confrn

ephone 4

ephone-template 1



voicemail live-record beep duration 50

voicemail live-record beep interval 5

voicemail live-record pilot-number 1999


After live-record is properly configured, users can use the following sequence of steps to initiate a live-record session. This example assumes a call is already established. The subscriber wanting to record the conversation does not need to be the caller who initiated or received the call.

1. Initiate a conference to the Cisco Unity Express live-record pilot number.

Press the conference softkey button. The current conversation is paused.

2. Dial the live-record pilot extension number.

3. The live-record pilot extension forwards the call request to the voice mail pilot number.

4. Cisco Unity Express answers the incoming call, detects the live-record pilot extension, and begins recording if the call referrer is a valid Cisco Unity Express subscriber.

5. Complete the conference.

Press the conference softkey button again. At this point, everything either party says is recorded except the beeps played by Cisco Unity Express.

To end the live-record session, remove the Cisco Unity Express from the conference and continue the call, or hang up and terminate the call.

For detailed information on this please refer to : -

Configuring Advanced Voicemail Features - CUE

Hope this helps!


Karthik Sivaram

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