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Jeson Chelleth

This document describes a clean procedure to disable NIC teaming, with regards to UCCX deployment only.

* Following steps need to be performed during a downtime.

1.  Stop the Cisco CRS Node Manager service. Set it to "Manual" startup.

2.  Physically unplug both Ethernet connections from the server.
3.  Dissolve the NIC teaming, as per the following published procedure:

4. Assign the IP address (and the rest of the IP configuration) from the NIC Teaming to the primary NIC. Confirm that the 2nd NIC does NOT have a static IP address configured on it and that it is disabled. (Don't bother testing with "ipconfig /all" yet.)
5. Shut down the server.
6. Reconnect the network cables.
7. Boot the server back up.  (No CRS services will start up because CRS Node Manager is still set to Manual)
8. Verify NIC binding order is correct. The primary NIC must be listed first in the binding order. If the binding order is not correct it must be fixed and the server will need to be re-booted.
9. Launch C:\Program Files\Cisco\Desktop\bin\PostInstall.exe.

  •   Confirm that the proper IP address appears as "Primary" and click OK.
  •   Wait a few seconds...
  •   "Error connecting to Directory Service..." message pops up. Click "No".
  •   On the "VoIP Network Device" tab, select the correct NIC from the drop-down lis.

(even if the right one appears to be already selected, actually pull down the drop down list and select the correct choice from that list again).

  •   Click Apply, and then shut down the tool

10. Set the CRS Node Manager service to Automatic startup again.
11. Reboot the server one more time.

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