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Giovanni Ceci

Have you had a client who has complained that the MoH volume is too high/too low? Have you had a custom made audio file sound choppy when TFTPing it to flash and wondered why? Have you had trouble converting your WAV files? Well you can modify the volume settings and convert the file to G.711 Ulaw by using a FREE program called Audacity for Windows. Here are the steps:

First, download and install Audacity here:

1) Open Audacity

2) From the top menu bar, click File, then Open...

3) Locate the WAV or AU file you want to edit, click on it, then click Open.

4) You'll then get an option to either "Make a copy of the files before editing (safer)" or "Read the files directly from the original (faster)". Choose whichever option you want, then click OK.

5) You should then see the audio file in Waveform format. To increase or decrease the volume, use the slider bar with the +/- to increase/decrease the dB.

6) When you have it at a desireable volume, from the top menu bar, click File, then Export...

7) In the new window under Save as type, choose Other uncompressed files, then click the Options button.

8) The Specify Uncompressed Options window comes up. For Header, choose WAV (Microsoft). For Encoding, choose U-Law. Then click OK.

9) Back in the Export Files window, choose the location you want to save the file, then click Save.

10) The Edit MetaData Window will come up, don't change anything, just click OK.

You are now ready to TFTP the newly modified MoH file to the flash and test it out.

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