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Level 11
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Created by: Shafiq Jamal on 29-08-2013 11:50:46 PM
I need to write a CUCM(9.1.1)'s JTAPI application which has to monitor call events for all the end-points( Cisco End points as well as 3rd party SIP clients) to know if its on a call or idle. But CUCM's JTAPI doesnt allow access to 3rd party SIP clients as per the documentation.

Is there any other way or a workaround, so that using JTAPI, I can monitor all the end-points connected to CUCM including 3rd party SIP clients. If CTI ports doesnt allow control over 3rd party SIP clients, what else interface is available with CUCM to capture the events of all the devices in the CUCM.

Subject: RE: JTAPI monitoring of all end points including 3rd party SIP clients
Replied by: Umesh Chaurasia on 30-08-2013 01:00:22 AM
Hi Jamal,You can monitor Cisco Endpoints using Cisco JTAPI but not the 3rd party SIP devices registered with CUCM. Regards, Umesh
Alan Brown
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Level 4

I'm interested in monitoring 3rd Party Sip Clients as well, were you able to find a work-around?

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Level 1

I'm interested in monitoring 3rd Party Sip Clients as well


if you just want to monitor 3rd Party clients (on a call or idle) you can use a sip trunk which points to your application. The sip trunk security profile must allow "Accept presence subscription" and the trunk itself need a "SUBSCRIBE Calling Search Space" and points to your application IP.

In that case you will get sip notifications about the status. It is not related to jtapi rather than sip but better than nothing.


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