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Omar Deen

With the release of PCCE version 12 and more recently, version 12.5, there can be a lot of confusion as to how to navigate the SPOG (single pane of glass). Some UIs have been moved to the SPOG and others have not. I'm posting this document to hopefully help you make your life a little less stressful when navigating the SPOG.

A big thank you to my colleague, Karlynn, for getting this document started.

A few things to note...

  • PCCE 4K and 12K still require you to go through ICM config manager for Peripheral Gateways
  • Agents can be added to ECE by first skilling them, and then checking the Support Email & Chat box. By checking the box, it will enable the Enable Email & Chat tab. Click on that tab and provide a Screen Name and click Save
  • The Knowledge Base console has been moved to ECE
  • You can just about everything in ECE with the exception of email workflows

I will continue to update this thread with subsequent versions. Attached is a PDF that show the 1-to-1 mappings

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