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Gajanan Pande
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Requirement :

I have installed UCCX 7.0 SR5 at my customer. Our IT department has scripted the installation of CCX agent, because users have no admin rights on their PC. When the agents launch the application for the first time, the application finds an update on the server (since SR5 is installed). The users cannot install the update file since they have no admin access to install.

Our IT department asks right now that I also give them the update install file, so that they can script this one too. Where do I find the update install file on the server?

Answer :

CAD installations require either administrative or elevated privileges. By default, Windows Installer installations run in the context of the logged-on user. If the installation is run in the context of an administrative account, there is no need to enable policies to grant elevated privileges. If the installation is run in the context of an account with reduced privileges, then it must be deployed with elevated privileges. The target machine must have the Windows policy "Always Install with Elevated Privileges" enabled for both the User Configuration and the Computer Configuration. When this policy is enabled, Windows Installer installations will run in a context with elevated privileges, thus allowing the installation to successfully complete complex tasks that require a privilege level beyond that of the logged-on user.

Automated Package Installation vs. Manual Installation :

Automated installations must use the same files and meet the same installation criteria as manually-deployed installations.

CAD MSI packages are located in a specified location (C:\ProgramFiles\wfavvid\tomcat_appadmin\webapps\TUP\CAD) on a successfully-installed production server and are intended for both manual and automated deployment. Alteration of these files or the use of other MSI files included with the product at other locations is not supported. Installation criteria such as supported operating systems, product deployment configurations, installation order, and server/client version synchronization must be met. Altering the supplied MSI packages to circumvent the installation criteria is not supported.

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