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Loopback Testing for TelePresence



Loopback Systems: (The loopback systems below are C40 and C60 codecs that will loop your audio and video directly back to you. (HDMI-out to HDMI-in, RCA audio-out to RCA audio-in). Please email if there are any issues with these units. Please give it a try and let us know what you think!) Note: these systems are HD capable if your system is (c40) (c60) (c40)

Note: Please be considerate and limit your testing time to a couple minutes to allow others the use the service as well. Email if the 3 above are down. If you try to call and get the following, it means someone else is currently testing with it:

Call Ended
loobackX is busy

Cisco Tac has access to test with these devices which are on the public internet without any firewalls (SX20) (C20)



Other Cisco Test sites:

IP Dialing:

H.323/SIP Dialing: or

ISDN: (919) 991-2000



Other (non Cisco): (IP addresses provided from "")



Tests unsuccessfully


302 Moved Temporarily


Same for me!

Hi Yorick

I test call one minute ago

All work fine.

br Oleksandr


Very weird for me ... the call start with sip, but change to h323.

302 Moved Temporarily for me too.

hi guys,


It isn't working for me too - "Moved Temporarily". does anybody resolve it?

Cisco Employee

You're supposed to get a moved temporarily. I use Conference Factory so that you get placed in a unique meeting with no other attendees. After receiving the moved temporarily, your endpoint should place another call to the address it was moved to.

hi Vernon,

is there in VCS/Expressway any setting which allows or deny placing another call for Jabber clients after redirect?

Cisco Employee

After any SIP client receives a moved temporarily, they should immediately and automatically place a call to the URI specified in the moved temporarily message. This should automatically occur without any configuration on the VCS and this should generate a new entry in the search history.


Setting the CSS for Rerouting parameter in the SIP trunk (CUCM side) fixed the issue for me. It was logical but not obvious, thank you for the help :).


hi Yorick,

You nailed it!

many thanks for Yorick and Vernon!


Old thread, but helped me solve the same issue. Thank you!

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