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Understanding Cisco Prime License Manager(PLM)


Cisco Prime License Manager

Cisco Prime License Manager provides simplified, enterprise-wide management of user-based licensing, including license fulfillment. Cisco Prime License Manager handles licensing fulfillment, supports allocation and reconciliation of licenses across supported products, and provides enterprise-level reporting of usage and entitlement.

Cisco Prime License Manager (Prime LM, formerly Cisco Enterprise License Manager) aligns with the Cisco Prime management suite of products. Cisco Prime LM offers new features and capabilities and adds support for Cisco Emergency Responder. Cisco Prime LM also supports multiple clusters and multiple versions of products, such as Cisco Unified CM versions 9. x and 10. x .

If you choose to remain on Cisco Enterprise License Manager (ELM) 9. x and have 10. x clusters, ELM can support both Unified CM version 9. x and 10. x with an update from a Cisco Option Package (COP) file; however, Cisco highly recommends upgrading to Cisco Prime LM to leverage new features and functions.

Cisco Prime LM currently supports the following Cisco Collaboration applications:

Cisco Unified CM
Cisco Unified CM Session Management Edition (SME)
Cisco IM and Presence Service
Cisco Unity Connection
Cisco Business Edition 6000
Cisco Emergency Responder
Cisco WebEx Meetings Server

The Cisco Prime License Manager interface provides the following views that enable you to monitor the system status:
Dashboard View
License Usage View
Dashboard View
The Dashboard provides an “at-a-glance” view of the system. Links in the Dashboard navigate to their related pages within Cisco Prime License Manager.
License Usage View
The License Usage view, accessed by selecting Licenses > Usage in the Cisco Prime License Manager interface, identifies the licenses installed on the system and how those licenses have been used at the time of the last synchronization.
There are three views available from the License Usage view:
Table View
Chart View
Table View
The Table View provides the following information for each license type:
Type of licenses in use
Product Type
Number of licenses required
Number of licenses installed
Number of licenses available
Status of that license type (for example: in compliance, in violation, and so on)
Chart View
The Chart View tab presents a graphical view of the number of licenses used for a particular product.
Select the License Type from the drop-down menu to view the chart for that license version. Place your mouse over each of the chart's bars to reveal license count information. The figure below shows a Chart View, customized for each product type, which illustrates the number of licenses:
Borrowed from Upper Tier
Loaned to Lower Tier
The Chart View also identifies, with a red “x”, instances where there are insufficient licenses.
Cisco Prime License Manager - Supported Products
Supported Matrix
Licensing CUCM 10.x using Cisco Prime License Manager (PLM)
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Good DOC.




Thank you Aman. Glad to see your comments.



You state that Cisco WebEx Meetings Server is supported on PLM, but when I log into my PLM server ( and try to add a new Product Instance, the following only show:

- Emergency Responder

- Unified CM

- Unity Connection


If I log into my CWMS 2.0 MR6 server, it seems there is a PLM running within the server, but I can not find a way to link it to my main PLM server.




Using PLM Centralized for multiple clusters. Is is possible to know how many licenses are available and used by cluster?

In addition, for instance: if I buy more 100 licenses to be dedicate to a specific cluster, is it possible? or the PLM will share the licenses I have available in the system between the clusters?

I just want to make sure if I'll have the visibility and control the license by cluster, if needed. Since my clusters are widespread from different countries...

Thank you!

Hi Muthurani Lavan,

 congratulations for the post (+5 for that).

 Is there any roadmap to include UCCX in the supported list of PLM?




ELM/PLM is supported on the co-resident machine, when we install CWMS. The standalone/co-resident PLM which comes with Cucm, don't support cwms. Thats the reason you didnt get the option.



Hi Gustavo

It is not possible to view the license usage by cluster wise and you cannot share the license between the clusters.




Nice post thanks - have a question...

We currently run ELM v9 and want to go to PLM v10.5(2) but we want to do a fresh install instead of upgrade and move the licenses - we are a multi-cluster environment on various versions and a fresh install is best for us.

I can't find an ISO for standalone PLM. It comes with CUCM but there is no option during install it as standalone without installing CUCM.

The PLM user guide implies one is available at the PLM 10.5 OVA templates downloads but there is nothing there but the OVA's themselves - the document actuall says that under Deployment Models.

I really don't want to install a CUCM instance and just let it sit unused, would prefer standalone.

I went to the PUT and tried to order an upgrade but nothing available there either.

Any ideas on where to get a standalone ISO ELM v10.5?


Hi Rick,

you would have to order for Call Manager 10.x through PUT and won't get any separate option for PCD/PLM.

After u receive confirmation mail through e-delivery,the image name would be  PMEDIA;Prime License Mgr Install V10.5(2) and filename would be

Bootable_CiscoPrimeLM_64bitLnx_10.5.2.10000-6.sgn.iso and size would be 920328 bytes.             




Hi Muthurani,

Is there any documentation that clearly states this ? We were under the impression that license sharing was available & we found a document that seemed to suggest this. We are intending to configure this for a customer in the very near future on the uderstanding that he can share licenses.

Please advise



Opened a TAC case and they say there is no such thing as standalone PLM install and we MUST install CallManager.

However, we did so happen to order CUCM 10 for a totally other reason and you are correct sir, the PLM ISO does show up and we are downloading now.

Thanks, good stuff.


Hi stubradley,

 you cannot share licenses, you can disassociate a license from one Cluster and associate it to another one.


Hope this helps.



Hi Muthurani,

Good DOC indeed, I have a query that If the Prime License Manager is installed on a Separate VM, for some reason VM what will be the impact on IP Phones as PLM is managing the licenses?


Best Regards,



Hi Khan,

If you are moving PLM to a new Hardware , u need to rehost the licenses .


Till the time you do not upload the licenses, IP phones would work in Grace period.

you can refer the link which says

License Rehost

Licenses are fulfilled to a specific Cisco Prime License Manger. If you require licenses to be moved to a new Cisco Prime License Manager, they will be need to be rehosted.

A rehost may be required if:

  • A hardware failure occurred and new hardware is required for Cisco Prime License Manager
  • Multiple Cisco Prime License Managers are desired and a subset of fulfillment licenses need to be moved to a new Cisco Prime License Manager




Hi Aman,

Thanks for the kind reply, If the virtual machine of Prime License Manager becomes unresponsive (due to any reason) and it requires a reboot then what will be the behavior of the IP Phones in that time frame they will not function? as the licenses are managed by PLM.

Looking forward for the kind reponse.


Best Regards,

Durraze Khan

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