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XML Error[4]: Parse Error


Hi Experts, would like to get some information on the above mentioned issue.

We have created a " Meal of the Day" (mentioned exactly like that) , in the services for the Cisco IP phones at our office.  i am a new VoIP engineer at the organization, and the old guys mentioned that it was working fine before but now shows the below  mentioned error :

XML Error[4]: Parse Error when we selec the menu of the day service.

i researched on the topic, and found that the issue might be with ldap or with invalid characters, can someone kindly mentioned a resolution for it .

call manager version :

  • most ip phones : 7942 phones : load file SCCP 42.9-0-3S on all the phones.

I would really appreciate if anybody can guide me on this.

Abhishek Singh
Cisco Employee

i would reallly appreciate if somebody can guide me on this.


The best thing to do is browse to the URL of the phone service from CCMAdmin. You may or may not get valid XML back (also try doing a 'view source' from the Edit menu in IE to see it if it is XML but doesn't validate...

It may be that your server is returning a generic browser-formatted error rather than an XML format.

Post up what you see.

Also, for reference, this post should have been made as a Discussion, not a Document.


Abhishek Singh
Cisco Employee

would do Aaron, thanks for the response.