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Agent Call Waiting Queue


Dear Experts,

we have scenario that 6 FXO lines connecting to PSTN and 2 extra lines for making outbound calls. contact centre agents are also making outbound calls but when they make an outbound call they cannot see an incoming call popup on their Cisco Desktop Agent while when they end their outbound call immediately call is arrived on their CAD. we want that if agent is making an outbound call its also can see that incoming call is arriving at his CAD or anything that shows agent that their is call in queue.

Thanks in advance


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When an agent is calling or generally on hook, UCCX consider that this agent is on NOT READY state on do not route calls on the CAD. So by the way, No popup is pushed on the CAD.

You can install a kind of wallboard if you want to see CSQ activity especially :

Nb Calls in Queue

Waiting time Average


Hope it helps.

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Remy (France)

Dear Remy

Thanks for the earlier reply. Remy can you more elobrate this wall board and waiting time average settinga and are these setting for IVR Script or UCCX Administration.


You can find another netpro talking about WallBoard here (free of charge)

A wallboard is an application that connect to the database of the UCCX and present informations on a page. It is similar as the Real Time Reporting on CRSAdmin page (but better)

All counters like waiting Time, Average on Queue, longest time in queue, etc ... are calaculated by CRS and store on the database. So it is simple to querry the database and present information to agents.

Hope it helps

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Remy (France)


we are using IPCC Express with Enhanced licensed and database integration is not available in this softwares and licensed. now without database integration how can I use this feature.

No problem.

With your version you have an MSDE Database.

You can also use this feature;


Remy (France)

Remy can you give me an idea how i can configure this. I have not too much exposure of Databases.

Did you read the netpro discussion I gave you ?

There is a you can download that explain how to do.

Remy (France)


You should not get a call when an agent is making outbound call.

How are they making outbound calls?

You can display CSQ stats on 7940's or any similar phones or you can run some sort or reporting or the wall board as suggested.

If you are getting calls check how your call center agent phones are configured they should not have call waiting etc (this is a CM setup)

Good luck,


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