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Agent gets stuck in resered when an incoming call is asigned


Hi all,

I am deploying a UCCE 11 solution and I am having a problem when assigning calls to the agents. The agents gets stuck in reserved but no call is assigned.

In Router Log viewer I see that loginID is returned as label instead of agent extension.

I have checked the configuration (Device Targets, CSS, Partitions ...)  and seems to be ok.

Thanks and regards

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Sasikumar Divvela
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi castrillor,

1) What kind of Agents are you using ? CUCM ?

2) what kind of call flow is this ? and who is the initial routing client (CUCM / CVP )?

3) can you please attach the logs from all the process (Router, Pim, opc) attach  vru pim & opc as well if it is exists in the call flow.

while attaching the logs , please let know the agent details.



Hi Sasikumar,

Thanks for your answer.

I am using CUCM (jabber) agents. When dialing from one Jabber to the service and the agent is available, the call comes in correctly  although ICM label is AgentID and not Agent Extension.

When CVP s used (prompts ...), the problem appears.

Checking CUCM sip trunk towards CVP it is down with code 503 (service unavailable).

When checking CVP call server I see this errorin the log:

137: Aug 22 2016 17:53:59.075 +0200: %CVP_11_0_SIP-3-SIP_INTERNAL_ERROR: ICM Messagebus Plugin is down , Unable to publish GatewayEvent report [id:5005]

Any suggestion is appreciated.

thanks and regards

Is your VRU PIM active? i saw "ICM Messagebus Plugin is down" error when PIM disconnects from CVP. 

What is the subsystems status showing in CVP diag page?

and router should not select the agent id in any case. How is your script ? Targeting a skill group with LAA node ? can you paste your ICM script here.


Thanks for your answer. Both pims are active and Call Server at CVP is in "up" status.

The ICM script is very simple (attached).


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