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All agents become not ready Suddenly

Ahmed Awida

Does any one know what could be the reason why all the agents suddenly become not ready ?

-Agents state after ring no answer set to : Ready

-Automatic work and wrap up time disabled.

-No skills,resource group based queue and circular call distribution.

-Ip phone agents,no cad.

What is wrong ? ,

thanks in advance.

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Gergely Szabo
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni


perhaps the UCCX (or UCCE?) tries to deliver a call to the agent but due to a routing problem (CSS? Codec?) the call never arrived to the phone so the system forced the agent to Not Ready to avoid this situation with the subsequent call.

Can you please tell us more. Is it UCCX? UCCE? What version? Did you check the logs.



UCCX.No i didn't check logs,it's actually hard for me somekind to understand the Real time monitoring tool traces and i couldn't find before any documents that teach how to read these traces.

Hi, what UCCX version. Do you have access to reporting?

There might be a way to get this information using a detailed agent report.


Hi,version 9.1,which report exactly could describe this problem -abondened calls ?

It's the "Agent State Detail Report". Look for a reason code starting 327


When the agent state is not ready,the reason code shows either 32759 (agent received non acd call) or 32759 (phone out of service)-->why it could be out of service if the phones are always registered ?

Thanks in advance.


well, the phone might be registered, but for some reason the UCCX cannot contact it.

Did you check the usual suspects? Like, do the CTI ports of UCCX have a CSS containing the partition of the agents' phones? Is there a possibility of codec mismatch?


All the settings related to codec is g711 ulaw,the itsp also uses g711ulaw,phones also ,the css is right .

I would open a tac case but i don't have a smart net.

Well, one way or another, you need to learn the basics of RTMT. Just collect the logs for CCX engine, and post the ones named MIVR*.log to here.


Thanks man for your reply but can you recommend any guide explaining how to read the logs of rtmt.


well, only the Holy Programmer knows that.

Anyway, for UCCX, a good start would be to get the logs named MIVR1..n.log and look for the following expressions: "exception" or "failure", case insensitive.


(only the Holy Programmer knows that) that was funny.Thanks again i will collect the logs and update this post later.

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