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CAD to Finesse Migration Assistance

Jason Amick
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Level 1

We are running UCCX version and have some questions about migrating agents from CAD to Finesse.  I have been unable to find cisco guides/documentation that helps with answering some of the questions below.  The questions below are based on the scenario of an in place migration running in mixed mode.  Please let me know if I need to clarify the below.


-  Can you activate the Finesse service via CLI without impacting your current prod environment and CAD agents?

- What is the best practice for migrating agents to Finesse?  Can you and should you do it by team or do you have to migrate all agents to Finesse when you activate the service?

- Does a uccx application/script care if the CSQ (select resource step) is queuing calls to finesse or CAD agents?

- Can both CAD and Finesse agents answer calls from the same CSQ as long as they are in different teams?

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I tested this exact scenario earlier this year.

- Yes the service can be activated without any impact

- The only thing I can add about the best practices is: Whomever you move will have to be all or none. The mixed mode does not seem to work correctly when you try to manage them from Finesse and CAD at the same time at least in my experience. I would move an entire team with no crossover to other teams or queues when you do this. 

- The script does not care

- Theoretically yes, but I would avoid this. The biggest issues I personally noticed is when I was trying to control the agents in both systems, but if you are going to do this, test it first on a test queue and agents so that you will know the exact behaviors.

Finesse in this first iteration has some limitations as compared to CAD. Overall it is a very good solution though and they have improved it significantly in 11.6





Thanks for the explanation and input on your experience with the migration.  We have also opened a TAC case with the same questions and scenario to see what kind of input they can provide as well as any documentation.  From my understanding is that you move agents/supervisors over from CAD to Finesse on a team by team basis.  You just have to keep in mind that CSD supervisors only have visibility to agents in CAD and Finesse supervisors only see finesse desktop agents.  As suggested we will definitely take the input from this forum and response from Cisco TAC and test in a lab environment to see what results we get.  Thanks!!



If you do it exactly as you described on a team by team basis with supervisors, you should be fine. The biggest piece that will be frustrating is that since it is the first instance of Finesse, CAD actually gives you better options for handling the agents and monitoring their stats. Finesse will be frustrating at this level, but let me assure it gets much better in 11.6 and better than CAD. It is a good first step though for transitioning agents.

Good Luck!