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Call disconnecting without IVR - Trigger number



Whenever someone calling from PSTN to our number, it getting disconnected after being connected for a second, no IVR is being played. It was working fine before a day, i dont know what went wrong in a day. 

MIVR logs are attached. 

Calling number - 97336370

Trigger number - 721

CTI Ports - 701 to 720


Partition and CSS are configured on all the CTI ports and route point.


Please suggest what could be the issue.



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Anthony Holloway
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

It looks like your script is attempting a transfer (Call Redirect step) to extension 751 and failing.  What can you tell us about extension 751?



Thanks for your answer .Apologies for delay in reply.

751 is the extension where call is getting forwarded during office closing hours. From the script i can see only friday is marked as holiday, so the script is not getting played and call is being forwarded to extension. But even today the script is not playing and it is forwarding. Is there anywhere configured about the holidays because from tomorrow, we have 3 days holiday due to national day. I need to check if that is the reason or is there any technical issue for script not getting played.

"Is there anywhere configured about the holidays..."

Not unless you're on version 12.0, which introduced holidays into the AppAdmin. You're more than likely just going to be looking at your script, and reversing the process to figure out where the holiday check is happening. A very common way, is to read an XML document from the UCCX server's Document Repository, but you may see something different in your scripts. If you can post more details, or the specific script files/screenshots, I can see if I can help you out more.

Hi Anthony,


UCCX version is 11.5. I have uploaded the script which is currently being used for the IVR.

Please have a look.



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