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Call Redirect to external number

David Harrell

Hello all,


I have a script (attached) that gives the caller the option of being redirected to an external number. The problem is, when a caller chooses the option to be transferred to the external number UCCX and CUCM seem to hold onto the original call. On my CUBE I see the call between the external caller and the trigger, then when we test the redirect option we see another call placed to our external number with the callerID of the original external caller. 


Here's a sample of what we see when calling from a cell phone (423XXX6958) to our trigger (3537). 1877XXX5046 is the external number we are trying to transfer the call to. We really just want the call to be transferred and drop from our CUBE.

121607 ANS T30 g711ulaw VOIP P423XXX6958
121608 ORG T30 g711ulaw VOIP P3537
121613 ANS T5 g711ulaw VOIP P9XXX6958
121614 ORG T5 g711ulaw VOIP P1877XXX5046

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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

This is expected because the call is hair pinned through your environment. The only way to completely transfer it would be to use REFER transfer which most SIP carriers do not support.



Thanks for your response, however I do not see a REFER command in the script editor for UCCX.

That is my point there is no way to do this. 

Well, I do have a remaining PRI I can send the out via a route pattern if that would allow this to happen.


Tha main issue I need to solve is that the external number asks for an account number to be entered. When clients enter their account number, it appears there is a delay that does not allow the account numbers to be entered correctly.

PRI would be no different as the call will still be hair pinned through your system unless you can do something like ISDN Two B-Channel Transfer (TBCT) call-redirect if both call legs arrive via the PRI. But if the inbound call comes via SIP and outbound leg goes via PRI you will see both calls on your system for the entire call duration.

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