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Call Studio 11 Debugger error


We're trying to debug a project on Call Studio 11 but after the Tomcat starts and connect is pressed, it says disconnected and the debug never starts. The project we created to see the error is very simple with just an audio element and then hangup. We see http 502 errors in the voice browser logs and no errors in audium logs. No global error log files are created at all. I'm attaching the logs and the screenshots. Any ideas what the problem could be?

Thanks in advance

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I would start by de-selecting the Microsoft TTS and Speech Reco from the

Debug Preferences that you show in your screen shot.

Then restart Studio and try again.

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I've never had luck getting the Debugger to work with MS speech reco.

I have used the MS Text to Speechwith the debugger and it works well,

although isn't necessary. Without the TTS, you'll read the prompts in

the bottom right pane, instead of hearing them.

NOTE: when you've selected to use MS TTS with the Debugger, it causes

the debugger to try to retrieve  your audio files. If  you don't have

audio files, then it'll resort to playing the TTS.

This causes a problem in the  Debugger if you have configured a VoiceXML

Property named fetchaudio to play audio during web service delays to the

caller. It causes the Debugger to stop working at that point.

Other reasons that I've seen the Debugger stop (as you're seeing) is if

you have the # symbol inserted into one of you TTS prompts.

When in doubt, disable the TTS and reboot. It usually fixes all the

issues, unless there's another problem in your code.

Hi Janine

I deselected the TTS but still the same error persists. There's no way that the app has another error because it's just a simple audio, nothing else. Here's the screenshot of the only elementss.PNG

1. What do you have configured in the App under Project / Properties /

Call Studio / General Settings, and Root Doc Settings?

2. Are you running Studio on a Windows Server machine? If so, perhaps

you need to right-click and start Studio as Administrator?

after you de-selected the TTS, did you try restarting Studio or rebooting?

If you still can't get the debugger to work, I'd try uninstalling Studio

and re-installing Studio.

What operating system do you  have it on? I'd suggest Windows 7.

Also, what exact Studio version do you have? build date of your Studio

do you have?

Do you have any patches installed?

Here's the general settings , nothing is set in root doc properties.

The Call Studio version is Version: 11.0.(1) Build id: 201509011404 and ET8 patch is installed. The os is windows 7 enterprise and it's not a server machine


What about under Project/ Properties / Call Studio / Root Doc Settings?

Have you put any custom java classes into the directory:


Was this studio installed on a system that had an older version of

studio on it before? If so, I suggest uninstalling Studio and then

ensure all the studio directories are removed, reboot, then try

reinstalling studio.


Hi Janine

Root Doc Settings are empty and no custom classes under AUDIUM_HOME\common\classes. Also this workstation did not have any previous versions before, so I'm not sure uninstalling would help as this is a fairly new install. Do you have any helpful documents about call studio debugger?


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