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Dears,We have a PCCE system version 11.5The customer wants to increase the number of rings on the agent desktop to 4 rings before the call is rerouted through RONA. The current number is 2 rings.With UCCE, we used to change this setting through Agent...

ln33147 by Level 4
  • 2 replies
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The value of Courtesy Callback is that callers no longer have to sit on the phone and wait in queue.So, how do we subtract that off-phone wait time from the AnswerWaitTime (say in the Call_Type_Interval table) within CUIC and show our customers?I bel...

Hi all,In attempting to build a third party gadget for Cisco Finesse, I have successfully written the XML specification for the gadget and embedded it through the 3rdpartygadget account as specified in the Finesse Web Developer Guide. This gadget nee...

kgoburn by Level 1
  • 5 replies
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Hello,I have been following along with the Spark Team Announcements and Finesse integration. I believe everything appears to be configured correctly but I wanted to get confirmation on what I think might be causing an authentication error.When I log ...

anihiser by Level 1
  • 5 replies
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For Cisco Context services within CVP Call Studio, is there a way to access the lastUpdate date time for a POD? I do not see a field for it within the read pod container, nor within the raw JSON returned by the read POD or customer lookup elements. I...

dwier by Level 4
  • 1 replies
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In Finesse 11.5 a new utility has been included in Finesse.js called BackSpaceHandler. From the description, it states that the intent of this function is to stop the page from navigating backwards (by calling event.preventDefault()). This is done by...

dagueci91 by Level 1
  • 3 replies
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Being ever so the bumbling one, I am staggering my way through once again.  I am trying to retrieve the list of users for a supervisor gadget.  I have retrieved the array of  teams and know trying to pull the list of users for those teams.  Does anyo...

gpworld by Level 1
  • 7 replies
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Has anyone been able to connect to the UCCX wallboard tables (RtCSQsSummary and RtICDStatistics) using a Linux based system?  I'm kinda partial to Ubuntu but any version would help.   I can find many attempts online but none that have been successful...

Hi guysLast week I have received a request to customize a inbound cuic report. The customer would like to has merge of report from Agent Summary Report + abandon report by interval of time range and by agent.So it is too difficult to me and I would l...

dsobrinho by Level 9
  • 11 replies
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