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CCX Live Data reports don't display all agents with designated skills

Robert Rhodes

The scenario is a UCCX 12.5.1 environment with multiple CSQs and corresponding teams. Most CSQs are skills-based for resource pool selection. Each of those has a single unique skill for resource selection. CSQ to team ratio is 1:1. One CSQ/team is only activated based on specific events and requires resources from other teams when activated. These resources have been assigned the skills/competency levels appropriate for their primary and secondary CSQs.


Ex: CSQ1 = Team1 = Skill1, CSQ2 = Team2 = Skill2, CSQ3 = Team3 = Skill3

Resource A is a member of Team1 and has skills 1 and 3

Resource B is a member of Team2 and has skills 2 and 3

Resource C is a member of Team3 and has skill 3


Since the live data gadgets for both agents and supervisors in Finesse are based on team membership, resources A and B don't see queue stats for CSQ 3 and the supervisor of team 3 doesn't see resources A and B in team stats even though they have the skill to answer calls. Since team 3 supervisors don't see resources A and B they can't see login or ready status and can't report on utilization.


Is it possible to display resources and stats in Finesse based on assigned skill in addition to (or instead of) team membership? Am I missing something in the configuration that's preventing resources and queue/team stats from being displayed based on skill?






Mark Swanson

Did you assign secondary supervisors? You can assign team 3 supervisor to all teams. The supervisor would login to Finesse and select a team from the drop-down menu which filters the results by team. Team 3 supervisor could manage A and B; make them ready, not ready, etc. This is the easiest solution. The other solution would be modifying the Finesse Desktop layout.

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