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changing agent state in server to server applications

Rising star
Rising star


Has anyone had to do this? How did you go about it? The nut to crack being that only the agent itself or a supervisor is actually allowed to change agent states, not an admin. Consequently, the only way I see to do this would be to create one big team just for this purpose.. every agent gets added to it, and your "admin" user would be made a supervisor. But I guess in large systems you could run into scaling issues with that approach.

So, how do you handle that if you cannot go and gather user passwords?



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I don't think this is possible. You touched upon and are correct about all of the roadblocks to get this solved. I wouldn't recommend having one big team if it is a large system for the scaling issues you already stated.

Alright then.. so here's my feature request: create an admin role that is permitted to do such things. Should be easy enough.. simply remove the "is agent itself or supervisor of" and replace with "what I said before or is an admin".

Like I mentioned before, Finesse isn't meant to be a monitoring/admin tool. Its purpose is to be an agent/supervisor desktop, which is why it doesn't have the feature for an admin to be able to change the agent's state.

That being said, you are free to open a feature request, but this forum is not the right place to do it. I will reply to your ticket with the information.

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