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Changing Private Network on PG pairs

DJ Kulkarni
Level 1
Level 1



I wanted to know what exact steps I should take if Private network is changed between PG's.We are planning to add dedicated link between 2 PG pairs.


Also what will be the testing steps after changes


Please let me know




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Abu Hadee
Level 3
Level 3


Will there be any IP Address/Routing change? If you change IP Address, then you need to run the PG Setup tool on both PGs to update their local and remote Private IP Addresses. If these PGs are Agent PG, you'll also need to run CTI Server Setup tool to update IP address of the PG.

If there is routing change, make sure the static routes on PGs (if there is one) is updated accordingly so PG's are communicating over the Private link.

If you are just updating Layer2 network and nothing is changed on Layer 3, then you do not need to make any configuration change on PGs.

For the testing, you better do a baseline first.

Not sure what version of PGs you have, check the current status of PGs through the command line window status or Diag Portal. Take a snapshot of TCP Connection using "netstat -an". Use as guide line

Once you move to new link, the PG status should be same (it may switch side), the TCP connection over private should be established.

Hope this helps.



Currently both the PG pairs have public and private links going over same network.We are changing the private network to go directly which will not cause the PGs to work in split brain

Its UCCE 10.5 and we will not be changing the IP addressing.What I get is in Vsphere client I need to update the VLAN ID ??

Can you please help me explain the virtualization concept for UCCE with Public and Private NICs



Generally this is how its done.

You will have 2 vNIC setup in VMWare, and those two vNIC belongs to two different VM Net (one for private and one for public), this two different VM NET's eventually point two different physical NIC adapter.


So I did the activity and below are the exact steps to do it just in case someone needs it Cisco PDI nor any document will help you including below

1.Created the vNIC on Vmware and that in turn created a new windows nic on the servers.So now you have Public NIC,Private NIC and new created nic

2.Started with Rogger B Stopped the services and made it manual.

3.Updated the new created NIC on the windows Rogger B server with correct IP address

4.Edited Rogger B setup make sure you do Router B & Logger B IP address correctly

5.Disabled the old private nic

6.Do TCP IP chimney settings on new private nic

7.Stop the services on Rogger A 

8.Follow same steps for rogger B

9.Do trace and ping from A to B and back for private network

10 Update the NIC priority and make sure Public is 1st and Private is 2nd

11.Start services on Rogger A then Rogger B

12.Check diagnostic portico and make sure MDS and all other services are good

13.Same sequence for PG just you have to edit the PG setup this time CUCM PG ,IVR PG and CG all needs to be edited and make sure you give correct IP address for Private nic

14.Check all services are up in PG A & B

15.Check complete system test especially the Logger tables and AWHDS communicates with respective Loggers 

16. Agent log into Finesse or CAD and make test calls



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