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Cisco CRA Editor 3.5

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I am sorry for bad English

I want to write on Cisco CRA Editor 3.5 script a voice mail box if it is possible send an example of a script ***.aef


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Level 1

Really nobody worked in Cisco CRA Editor

It is necessary for me recording files, and also listening of files, and removal{distance} of files.

Help an example of a script!!!!

see the following link for a start with CRS script editing:

it would be hard to provide you a sample script you could use since we are not sure what you would want the script to do and there are many, many functions an IVR script can perform.

Thanks, for the answer.

I shall explain on more detailed that I want to make.

At us it is established Call Center IPCC Enterprise

Call Manager-4.0, ICM-6.0, IVR-3.5.

I wanted to write on IVR-3.5 an answering machine (at a bell from phone " And " on phone " In " if "In" does not respond for phone " And " the greeting sounds and then it is possible to leave the message, and then from phone " In " to hear this message, and at will to remove.)

In Call Manager-4.0 is voice mail

//Feature/Voice Mail/

Is possible it as that to use for an answering machine,


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