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Consolidated Outbound Call Report for CUIC 9.0

This is a Consolidated Outbound Call Report for CUIC 9.0 that is being made available to the community. It will not work in earlier versions as it will not import. Below is the developers note included as help in the report.

When importing the report, choose historical for the value lists if using 10.5.


Consolidated Outbound Call Report

Please note that this report will often have thousands of rows, even for shorter intervals. There is one row per call attempt and if you are at a high volume site, this will add up quickly. If the report reaches more than 8000 rows it will return an error though it will still function. This indicates that a shorter interval should be used, less Dialers selected, or less call results selected to get a full list of results.

The Consolidated Outbound Call Report reports on a specified Dialer and the calls it made during an interval. This report filters on call result. For example calls where a customer answered and was connected to an agent or calls where the number was reported as invalid by the network, etc. The value list for this filter includes all the call results made by the Dialer where a call was attempted. This functionality allows you to filter between attempts, calls that have reached a customer, and different types of errors. This report includes a row for each call made by the dialer, including information on Agent and Grouping, Customer Call Results, Call Metrics, and Call References. Additionally, the report includes three views, including a simplified view for when no customer answered and a chronological view for when multiple call results are selected and you want to see data in the order in which dialer attempts were made.

Agent and Grouping information in this report includes Agent Name, Skill Group, and Campaign information, specifically which if any were associated with the call or call attempt. Agent Name is not included in the No Customer Answered view.

Customer Call Result information provides specific call or call attempt data related to the customer, namely the Customer Name, Phone Number, Callback Phone Number, Callback Datetime, Wrapup Code, and Call Disposition information. In the No Customer Answered view, Wrapup Code and Call Disposition information are not included.

Call Metrics for the report include Call Duration if a call reached a customer, Dialer Call Duration (the amount of time the call was in the dialer for), Reservation Call Duration (the amount of time the call was reserved in the dialer for). If a call reached a customer, Talk Time, Ring Time, Hold Time, and Wrapup Time are also included, though these fields are not included in the No Customer Answered view.

Call Reference information for the report includes Peripheral Call Key, Call Reference ID, SIP Response Code, and Dialer SIP GUID. These fields allow you to reference a specific call outside of this report or when running a separate report that reports on specific calls. Peripheral Call Key and Call Reference ID are not included in the No Customer Answered view.

While there is no filtering option available at this time for Campaign, Skill Group, or Phone Number. However, using your browser’s search function (CTRL+F) will allow you to find specific campaigns, skill groups, or phone numbers. Additionally, by going to edit view, you can add grouping by campaign or skill group (or other values if desired) to enhance either this search function or how the report is grouped in general. If filtering by these values is a truly necessary feature for this report to be useful, please leave a comment in the forum.

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