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Contact terminated remotely error message.



I am running UCCX 7.0(1), I have a subflow script that used to work in IPCC version 4.0 and now it is not working. In that sublow customer is asked to leave a voice mail which ideally should be returned to a parent script to be placed in the queue. When I debag the parent script, I get an error message “Contact terminated remotely” and the voice mail is lost.

My sub flow (voice mail) script steps are as follows:

Voice Mail Document=Recording (Triggering Contact)

                Successful =>Play prompt(confirming that voice mail has been recorded)

=>Set Contact Info (Triggering Contact-Handled)

                => Terminate (Triggering Contact)

***Unsuccessful step loops caller back to record a voice mail

Outbound contact=Place Call

                Successful =>Get Contact Info (outbound contact)

                                =>Get Digit String (Action taken by agent who is receiving a call in queue prompting agent to enter a numerical prompt in order to listen to saved voice mail)

When I debag I know that an outbound call is placed to the parent script and it follows Successful branch of the outbound call for about 5 seconds, before I get error message “Contact terminated remotely”.

I suspect that my Terminate step is the reason why the script is not working correctly. I’ve tried to handle the exception in the parent script by placing “On Exception” step however available exception list does not have Contact Terminated Remotely exception.

Please help me out to figure out how to make the subflow script to work properly so all voice mails can reach the queue.

Thank you for your help.

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