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CTI AGENT_STATE_EVENT message not sent to client from the UCCX sandbox



Currently, I am integrating the client's software with UCCX and using UCCX sandbox ver 12.0 to perform some testing.

I need to handle AGENT_STATE_EVENT to fetch some details regarding the agent, but I never received the event. When I establish the call via Jabber and dialing ext. # 6000 I receive BEGIN_CALL_EVENT, CALL_DELIVERED_EVENT, etc but never AGENT_STATE_EVENT.

However, the documentation  I found for ver 10 says 

The agent state is what is described by the last received agent state event. Actions performed by the agent and
his phone eventually translate into updated agent states. For example, when an agent hangs up his phone after
working on a call, hisstate changesfrom talking to ready. The change in the state of this agent is communicated
with the system through the AGENT_STATE_EVENT message.

I think that something is misconfigured and I have to perform some additional steps in CUCM Administration or UCCX Administration, but I can't seem to find any related topics, documents or guides related to the subject.


Can somebody please provide me with any advice related to either getting AGENT_STATE_EVENT or configuring UCCX sandbox properly?


Kind regards

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