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CUCCX Editor Agent Queue Logic Scripting


Hello, I have a supervisor requesting that we change the queue logic currently written in their script.  Right now they have an if-then statement in place that determines how to handle the call if the number of agents logged in is less than or equal to number in queue.  Currently the script routes calls outside of this parameter to busy.   The supervisor has requested we change this to a ratio logic which would be 2 calls per agent.

I am still new to cuccx editor/scripting so I apologize if my explanation is not very clear/technical.   If someone could please provide me with the statement I need to use to replace the current If, then statement I would really appreciate the assist.


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Dmytro Benda

Hello jdp22, 

Can you please share here your current statement in this If step to see, how it is configured now? Then we will be able to assist you. 

Here is a screen shot of the current if-then statement.  Thank you!

Screen Shot 2022-08-09 at 1.37.49 PM.png

Dmytro Benda

I think that the statement for the If node should look like this:

agentsT1LoggedIn <=contactsT1Queued/2

Lets say you have 20 calls queued (contactsT1Queued variable). Then if you have less or equal then 10 agents Logged in (agentsT1LoggedIn) then you will go to the True branch of the If step. Otherwise, if you have more then 10 agents, then you go to the False branch. 

Is this what you are looking for?

I think so, but let me explain how I am processing what you are saying and see if its the same thing.  So they want a ratio of 2 calls per agent in queue, so if there are 10 agents logged in, max calls would be 20 in queue.  


Then, I guess the formula should be this one:

contactsT1Queued > agentsT1LoggedIn*2

So if you have 10 agents and more then 20 calls you go to the True (BUSY), if you have 20 calls or less, then you go to False. 

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