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CUIC 12.0(1) Report Customization - Reason Codes are not updated


Hi there,


I'm using PCCE CUIC 12.0 to customize a report for client, at which the customized report is getting the fields in 2 stock templates.

One of the templates is "Agent Not Ready Historical". I copied the query from stock template and created a new report definition without editing the query, I'm trying to mimic the output of the stock report.

Here, I wish to get the Aux0 - Aux9 fields updated with configured Reason Codes.

For example, Aux1 field should be "Lunch" instead of "Aux1". What I am getting are "Aux0", "Aux1" ... "Aux9".

Anyone would be able to advise on how can I make the "Aux" fields updated with Reason Codes?


Thank You.

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Gerry O'Rourke
Rising star
Rising star

How have a look at the original reports View setup (not in report definition).

Also you can do a full copy / clone of the original report which copies report AND underlying report definition and then make your edits to the report def if you need to.- instead of of creating your own report definition (which means your report view setup is from scratch).


Note the report definition also has a lot of setup around each of the fields - its not just the SQL query.

e.g. how they are formatted, if there are additional fields created from a SQL fields, and if teh field should be a show in the totals row etc.



Yes, understand that we can "Edit View" to get the similar view as in Stock Report. 

Have tried this but the field names are still not changed to the configured Reason Codes (Reason Codes are configured in CCE Admin portal). 

I can see the Reason Codes updated in Reason Code table, but it is not replacing the "Aux0" - "Aux9" field names.

Part of my results are as follow:

Aux0Aux1RC0 RC1
00:00:5501:00:20LunchSpecial Handling
00:01:1200:00:05LunchSpecial Handling
00:00:0000:01:02LunchSpecial Handling


Desired result (as in Stock Report):

LunchSpecial Handling
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