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CUIC: Create report with callback numbers.

Hi gents,

I have a customer who wants a callback solution implemented.
They would like to see only a report with the calling numbers who opted for callback option in IVR.
Is there a way to create a report in CUIC to see these numbers?



Cisco Employee

Probably yes, not very straightforward though. Here is what you can do, right after you collect the calling number from the customer you can use a Set step to substitute the number you get in the Get Digit String step. For example, you are storing the value of Get Digit String in an integer variable lets say CallerEnteredDigit then you can use Set CED = CallerEnteredDigit and then use Set Enterprise Call Info Step and set the variable CED against Call.Peripheral Variable 1 and then run the Call Custom Variables Reportt from CUIC for Call.Peripheral Variable 1 that will in turn return the result of CED variable which will have the value of CallerEnteredDigit variable which stored the output of Get Digit String. The only issue I see with this is that it will only give the value of last updated CED variable and not all the previous ones before that hence not very useful. If this happens, then you can set a maximum of 10 variables in the script such as below and use them inside Set Enterprise Call Info step against Call.Peripheral Variable 1 till 10:

SET CED = CallerEnteredDigit

SET CED1= CallerEnteredDigit

SET CED2 =CallerEnteredDigit  and so on

After this, you can run Call Custom Variables Report for the 10 Call.Peripheral Variables that will return the last updated 10 numbers. You might need to run this repport quite frequently to get all the numbers else you might miss on lot/few of them depending on the interval you are running the report. I can understand this might not be the perfect solution but that is the best you can get with the co-resident CUIC that comes with UCCX. In case this does not meet the requirement then we are talking about creating Custom Reports using standalone CUIC with Premium license installed on it and do it that way.

Last but not the least, you can integrate UCCX UCCX directly with the SQL server provided it is one of the supported one as mentioned in below list:

For the above mentioned integration to work, you will need to create a DataSource on UCCX and below guide talks in details about it:

Once the integration between UCCX and SQL Server is successful, then you can use the DB steps such as DB Write to write data in the SQL server every time caller enters a callback number an then pull the report from DB server directly. Refer below guide for more details on the usage of DB steps within the script.




Hi Deepak,

I think the best solution would be to integrate with an external DB to write the calling numbers.
The other ones doesn't look feasible for me.

Many thanks!



That is your call Dan, but it would indeed be much easier and a viable option compared to other.





I'm relatively new to the callback feature and just recently dumped a lot of time into building and optimizing the scripts.

Is there are reason why writing to an external database would be the better solution? 

I have a separate application called 'Callback' for exactly that. Then you can pull reports like detail call by call ccdr for just the callback app.

I figure that would be the best and definitely the easiest solution, no?


Sean, How did you do this? I have a Application/Script that is for inbound calls from customers. Within that Application/Script, they have the option to choose Callback; If they choose Callback, it takes them to a subflow that has all of the logic for the caller to enter the number to be called back on; also within that Callback subflow script, it placed an outbound call to our Callback Application/Script that puts it into the right callback queue waiting for an agent to answer it. 

Inbound call to Application/Script1

Customer chooses CallBack option

Goes to CBSubflow script; here the customer enters the number to be called back at and this script places an outbound call to a trigger that rings to a CallBack Application to queue the callback in the right queue

The callback to the customer's number still resides in the CBSubflow script that is not tied to an application

Is that why I'm not seeing anything in the CCDR report? Does that subflow script need to be tied to an application?


My set up is a little bit weird... kind of like a hybrid.

I don't have a subflow. The callback happens mostly within the main script. 

So it'll get the callback number and a callback message, then it will terminate the call and do an outbound call to a second application I have called callback. That application is a small script that just dumps the incoming call into the csq.

It's a little confusing to explain but much easier than you think. 

Basically try getting rid of the subflow, and instead integrate it into the main script. 

Can you post a picture of your callback appllication script?


What worked for me is having a completely separate application for callback.

There's quite a few benefits to doing that, one of them including reporting. 

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