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Customized Reports with UCCX

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Our client has Cisco UCCX 8.0 installed. He has another software for Email support. Now we have the requirement of generating a combined report from both the systems using Crystal Reports.

We will be getting data from Email support system in CSV files format on a daily / weekly basis.

So how to generate the reports.

The solution which i am planning is:

I know in crystal reports, we can merge 2 datasets (one from UCCX and other from Email data). So planning to import these CSV files in UCCX informix database (most probably another database on the same instance which UCCX is using.) But we don't have access to create the database / create table on Informix database.

So is it possible that Cisco will provide the facility to reset the password for the DBA user uccxuser?

If not, what is another solution? Do i have to use another database instance on some other server?

Thanks in advance for the responses.


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Aaron Harrison
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni


Cisco will not let you have access to add further databases. It's part of the 'appliance' design that you don't have access to make changes to the system.

You'll have to put the data elsewhere unfortunately...


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