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CVP programming ; what next after Hello world

Manjunath G
Level 1
Level 1

Hello ,

iam New to CVP. recently done with announcement of 'hello world program'.

Iam not with a kind of with java background ..... new to this cvp programming.

Interested to explore more on further learning, not usre what to try next . Also ,can anyone guide me how do i make a cvp programme to to replace IP IVR.

what is the next step of programmes that i can try for...

Thx, Manju

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Manjunath G
Level 1
Level 1

iam interested to scale up my studio programming skills to design for CCB..Post survey like features in CVP etc  ..does it require java????

Any inputs would be highly appreciated.....

Hi Manjunath,

   First of all please have a look at this url -

and go through the documentation section. Then  go through the Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal Programming Guide

and  Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal Configuration Guides based on which version you are using for further details.

Hope this helps.

Thanks and Regards,


Geevarghese ,

Truly informative !

Can you hint me?? how far iam to reach to be self contained to configure CCB (Courtesy call back) n similar other features independently .. this  would help me to put my efforts scale up

Be aware .... iam do not have java skills.



You don't need any java skills to implement courtesy callback.

Cisco gives you 5 studio apps of which you can configure 3 - to have

different caller interaction and to configure 'constraints' - when to

offer/not offer callbacks.

Cisco also gives you an ICM script to use and modify.

There's survivability.tcl you need on the gateway.

There are audio prompts that Cisco provides.

There's some config'n in the Ops console you'll need to execute.

This is all well documented in the CVP Config and Admin Guide.

In addition, if you want CVP Call Studio training, you can register for

the CVPD training class that I teach.

It's available in the US monthly; in Europe a couple times per year

(there's one seat left for Monday June 2 in the UK!), and in APAC a few

times a year.

You can find the US and EU schedule here:

And the APAC schedule here:

Thanks, Janine

Janine ... Thanks !  atlast iam convinced with your inputs to my thirst of cvpi.

Iam happy to reach you & get all necessary training.

You can find the most up to date CVPD class schedule and register at or for APAC training

We are also providing remote training, although there may be a time zone

difference to be aware of.

Email me directly if you have questions.