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CVP Salesforce Integration and adding an element to call

Marc Rajs
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EDIT:  Found it sitting right there in the Call Studio app.. Like an idiot i was scouring all of the windows CVP directories instead..



I admittedly am not too strong on the Java side here so please bear with me.


For our phone channel, we allow customers to enter site ID and/or case ID.  CVP does a REST call to Salesforce for the data.  That all works great.   I need to now add another element to pull from Salesforce though and if im not mistaken, it would be in Java.  I'm having a hell of a time finding the class though.


Here is my app activity log message. The existing variables are all populating without issue.


14:00:03.259,1062_Store_WS_Results,element,warning,A substitution representing Element data from element "1062_GetMaintenancebySiteID" and variable named "bbts" referred to non-existent information. An empty string was substituted instead.


And here is where it's calling to this in the app xml

<string>com.XXXXXXXXX.ivr.custom.da.impl.SalesforceDaImpl</string>  (name replaced with Xs for here)

Can someone please point me in the right direction to add this new field to be pulled from SFDC.



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Marc Rajs
Level 1
Level 1
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Marc Rajs
Level 1
Level 1